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As members of the Australian community, we, the undersigned, call on Assistant Minister for Trade Mark Coulton to implement a Government inquiry into the transparency and accountability of Efic’s due diligence processes.

We commend your acknowledgement that an investigation into Efic is needed, following revelations from the report by Jubilee Australia detailing the harmful impacts of the PNG LNG project on the people of Papua New Guinea – which Efic funded with $400 million of taxpayer money.  

We ask you to stand by your statement and conduct an inquiry into Efic that includes the opportunity for submissions from members of the public.

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Richard Thode
Margaret Paterson
Kathy Jarrett
Toni Payne
John Mackerell
Irene Harrison
Shaun Gessler
Michael Williams
Bernie Introna
Ciaran Summerton
Nansi Richards
Brian P. Ward
Denise Lovric
Hilary Da Costa
Liesje Barratt
Ruth Colman
Sheila Walkerden
Melissa Fitzgibbon
katie gauld
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